Zurich Tagpac Plus

Zurich offers one of the best value Personal Accident Plan for you and your family while traveling in your vehicle. As your motor insurance only covers for damages to your vehicle and third parties, leaving you and your family unprotected.

For as little as just RM86.32 per year, you (as the driver) and your family members/passengers (4 persons) will be covered for RM50,000 EACH, thus total coverage of RM250,000.00 for accidental dealth and or permanent disablement. It also comes with RM3,000 per person for accidental medical & surgical treatment.

For better value at RM126.14 per year, you will get RM100,000 coverage EACH x 5 person (You and 4 other passengers). You as the driver and 4 others passengers will be covered for RM100,000 accidental dealth and or permanent disablement, includign RM3,000 per person for accidental medical & surgical treatment PLUS unlimited towing if your vehicle breakdown.

Zurich TAGPAC plus also cover you as the driver for RM50 Daily Hospital Income up to maximum of 30 days for any one accident.

Below is the chart of benefits for better illustration

Remember to request for Zurich TAGPAC PLUS to be included in your motor Takaful quotation so you and your loves one are always protected.